Advantage Version 10 Database Engine Upgrade

Benefits of Advantage Version 10

  • New OS Support

    Support was added for Windows 7, Server 2008 SP2, and Server 2008 R2.

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  • 64-bit Support

    When running on a 64-bit OS, the Advantage Server can access more than 4Gb of memory. This can allow more concurrent connections and provide increased caching for queries.

  • Enhanced Reindex

    Reindex performance has been enhanced. In previous versions, the table was scanned once as each index was created.

  • Index Speed Enhancements

    Improvements to the low-level index code were made. This should speed up all index operations.

  • Dynamic Server Configuration

    The Advantage Server can now dynamically allocate more resources, avoiding errors that occurred in the past when the connection or file handle limit was reached.

  • General Performance Upgrades

    Improvements were made to the code for most table operations, including file opening, record lock management, appending and deleting records, and allocation of heap memory.

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