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Dbtech will be presenting our Downtime Solutions on the dates below.  Join us as we review the benefits your hospital can experience during your next EMR or Network Downtime Event: Access patient info anywhere, even when the Network is down Perform computer-based patient registrations - With access to prior patient data Create bar-coded forms, labels and wristbands [...]

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Dbtech Downtime Solutions Video

Hooray!! This week we finished our first Downtime Solutions video! For those who rather read, dbtech has announced April 15, 2017 as the official release date for our Downtime Solution. Features include: Access to in-house patient data on pre-determined Downtime Workstations Ability to register new patients AND access your MPI for historical roll-ups Scan on-boarding [...]

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If you think your hospital could be better prepared for an EMR downtime You’re probably right Downtime Protection Solutions are integral to every hospital's Emergency Contingency Plan because they provide access to patient data and registration workflows during EMR & Network downtime events. As you evaluate downtime solutions, please consider these 5 key lessons we uncovered [...]

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My Dinner with Downtime

Andre could see sickness wash over Wally’s face as he asked, “How much did we pay for our EMR?” Wally was hired as CIO to help Mercy Hospital prepare for their epic EMR implementation.  Their vendor selection was safe yet contentious and ruled by typical political tribes.  Soon after the decision disgruntled employees would hurl this vendor's [...]

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Enhanced Informed Consent & eForms

As we abruptly return from our holiday cocoons and re-emerge into 2017, let’s consider some ways to serve our customers. Your customers are your patients, and my customers are…you! Right around the time I was experiencing a turkey overdose (ICD10 code T78.1), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its yearly proposed clinical [...]

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