Dbtech and Iatric

A Seamless API

Ras is a document management and imaging system that uses your existing HL7 transactions to build electronic patient folders.  At the point of patient registration all of the data that resides outside of your EMR is captured.

Our partnership with Iatric provides you with a seamless API allowing documents stored within Ras to be viewed with a single click in MEDITECH.  That means physicians, nurses and staff have thousands of additional documents and images at their fingertips.

Ras products are designed for ease of use, rapid deployment and require minimal internal IT resources.  This allows customers to quickly realize cost and time savings.  What’s more, world-class customer service and support set dbtech apart from other software companies.

Deep healthcare industry knowledge

  • Trusted best practices for quick and successful implementations.
  • Ras goes beyond patient data and gives you the ability to improve your workflow in back-office departments as well.

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