Enhance hospital revenue by automating workflow in patient accounting

With constant demands to increase revenue cycle efficiencies, and hospital personel stretched to their limits in efforts to adopt Bundled Payments, ACO’s, ARRA and Healthcare Reform, the learning curve for ICD-10 promises to reduce coder efficiency by at least 40% in 2014.

There’s hope. Find out how your hospital can do more without increasing demands on your existing staff. PUT Ras TO WORK >>

improve revenue cycle

Supercharge Your Revenue Cycle

From decreasing registration errors and eliminating paper filing to giving insight into payer denials and remittance errors, Ras improves hospital efficiencies across all facets of the Revenue Cycle. In fact, paper handling can be reduced by approximately 90 percent, contributing to a 50 – 60 percent time-reduction in the coding process. And, with Ras, coders are able to access clinical documentation more quickly, so you can bill sooner.

Enhance hospital revenue cycle with RAS


Eliminate Paper Processes

Dbtech makes eliminating slow and outdated paper processes like picking low-hanging fruit.

Hospitals that used to spend too much time filing lab orders, referrals and patient insurance cards have found our solutions easy to use, easy to install and easy on hospital budgets.

with ras you can

With Ras, You Can …

  • Eliminate the paper trail between registration & billing.
  • Access billing documentation immediately & provide accessibility to auditors, third-party billers & consultants.
  • Gain deeper insight into your electronic remittances – X12 835.
  • Assure documents are seen by the right people at the right time, all under the highest HIPAA auditing requirements.

Hundreds of hospitals use the Ras document management system to streamline their collections processes. Our HIPAA-compliant, reliable system is easy to implement, easy to use and has a 25-year track record of producing measurable results. Go ahead … Put Ras to work for your organization.